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SSD FOR BETTER CARE promotes an organizational culture where quality is upheld and modeled as a shared value

Our values, beliefs, expectations and commitment towards quality and continuous improvement, through organizational systems that reflect good governance, strategic planning and sound financial planning, drive outcomes for people with a disability.

Quality is seen as a right of support users, including people with a disability and their family members, and a collective responsibility of service providers, including direct support staff, senior management and board of management.

SSD FOR BETTER CARE believes that good outcomes for people with a disability are achieved when:

individuals, their family members and carers make choices about what they want and need

individuals, their family members and carers are supported to plan around realistic goals and expectations

individuals, their family members, carers and support workers respect each other and work together to solve problems

individuals, their family members, carers and support workers comment and receive feedback on how services are being improved

when we show an understanding of what is important to individuals, their family members and carers

supports are provided in a reliable and consistent manner

support workers have the skills, resources and willingness to support individuals and their family members to achieve what they want

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Welcome to SSD for Better Care

Overall, SSD FOR BETTER CARE aims to provide high quality services by meeting the needs, requirements and expectations of people with a disability, their family members and carers.

To make a positive difference and empower individuals. we can deliver this by providing excellent care, supportive team and demonstrating respect and compassion.

Our Mission

To offer better care yhose who need it most by provide high quality, sustainable and reliable services.

Our Guiding principles

Respect the interest of individuals and the ability to make decisions for themselves to extent of their capacity.

Open, honest, and fair


Treat everyone with kindness

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Our Services

We promote Independent Living

  • Accommodation / Tenancy Assistance
  • Assist-Life Stages, Tradition and Support
  • Assist Personal Activities
  • Assist-Travel/Transport
  • Assist Daily Task /Shared Living
  • Innovative Community Participation¬†
  • Development of Daily Living & Life Skills
  • Household Tasks
  • Participation in Community , Social & Civic Activities
  • Group/Centre-Based Activities